5 of the most influential women in the world who are very inspiring

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 Women are generally synonymous with tenderness.  This is clearly seen when a woman acts as a mother.  But unfortunately the tenderness that is present in women sometimes becomes an image that prevents him from taking crucial roles such as being the leader of an organization, a company or even a country.  Women who have a gentle nature are considered to be difficult to take action at certain times when a leader must act.  However, women also have the same potential, even exceeding men.  This was proven by five of the most influential women in the world.  These great women include Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Christine Lagarde, Mary Barra, and Abigail Johnson.  The following description of these influential women.

 1. Christine Lagarde

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 Christine Lagarde has led the IMF, an organization that has played a role in the finances of the world’s nations since 2011. Under her leadership, she has been able to control the Eurozone financial crisis and the threats that have arisen from the US and China trade wars.  Not only that, he also promotes gender reform in male-dominated companies.

 2. Theresa May

 Theresa May is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  He served as Prime Minister in 2016 after David Cameron resigned.  During his tenure, May must face disputes between parties who are pro-European and those who are anti-European.  During this term Theresa May plans to take action for free market agreements outside the European Union.  Not only that, May will also take action on the border issue with Ireland.

 3. Abigail Johnson
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 Abigail Johnson has been the leader of the Fidelity Investments company since 2014. Johnson is the owner of 24.5 percent of Fidelity Investments company shares.  In 2018, the company led by Abigail Johnson launched cost-free index funds and digital currencies so that digital assets can be accessed by investors.

 4. Angela Merkel

 Angela Merkel was the first female chancellor in Germany.  He was elected chancellor in 2005. Besides serving as chancellor, Merkel is also the chairman of the Christian Democratic Unity party.  Angela Merkel is a very active person.  He is one of the figures who opposed the anti-immigrant movement in Europe.  This is reflected in his actions to allow Syrian refugees to enter Germany.  In addition, this woman was also instrumental in saving Germany and Europe from the economic crisis.

 5. Mary Barra

 Mary Barra is the head of the company GM or General Motors.  He spent millions of dollars investing in electric car companies, self-driving cars, and ride share services.  In 2017, this woman laid off employees in North America to increase the agility and profits of the company.  Because it earned 22 million dollars, Barra became the head of a company in the Detroit Big Three neighborhood that had the highest compensation.

 The most influential women show that women can also be leaders.  This of course can ward off unsuitable views about women.  Some of these influential women not only make changes in their environment, but also in the international world.  This can be an afterthought for men who still see women as weak creatures who can not do anything.

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