5 Tips to Live a Relationship When Not Yet Approved by Parents

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When two people love each other, surely they want to continue together and commit themselves to marriage.  But sometimes marriages are often hindered by the blessing of parents, so the relationship must be at stake.  Even though your parents don’t approve doesn’t mean you and he should just give up.  Try to apply these five tips and win your parents’ hearts!
5 Tips to Live a Relationship When Not Yet Approved by Parents

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 1. Prove your seriousness

 One way for your parents to agree in this relationship is to try to prove your seriousness with your partner.  Usually parents disagree because you are mostly playing around.  Therefore if you have proven that you have changed and have found the right person then they will gradually agree with your desire to get married.

 2. Invite the couple to a family event

 It never hurts to give an opportunity so that your partner knows more about your extended family.  Invite her to come to your family event and introduce her to your extended family.  That way your family will become more familiar with it and start to know it.  It could be that your parents are starting to melt, especially if your partner turns out to be a sociable person.

 3. Give the lover a chance to talk privately with parents

 Do not know, so do not love your parents constantly dislike your potential partner, why don’t you try to give them a chance to talk.  Give room for them to get to know each other because your parents might misjudge your lover.  Usually parents will melt if you often give them space to chat and get to know each other.

 4. Think about what your parents don’t like

 Before asking, think about what made him disagree.  Are your candidates less polite in dress for example or less friendly to your parents?  All possibilities can happen, so think carefully without emotion.  Make the blessing of parents as the deciding thing in your relationship because why should you get married if you don’t get the blessing.

 5. Ask the reason

 Instead of blaming your parents for their behavior, why don’t you just ask why they don’t agree.  Be objective because marriage not only unites you two but unites two extended families as well.

 Ask your parents well why don’t you agree with that and you can introspect yourself too who knows you have hurt your parents.  Fight parents with tenderness not with a hard attitude.

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