7 benefits of orange peel for your body

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Not only as a tropical fruit that is rich in vitamin C. This fruit is also beneficial for endurance and skin health.  The latest discovery from researchers, orange peel also has many benefits for your body.

The content of vitamin C in oranges consumed is only about 71 milligrams.  While the highest content of vitamin C lies in the skin which is equal to 136 milligrams.

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Therefore, do not rush to get rid of the skin.  You can get various benefits from orange peels.

Because the taste is quite bitter, orange peels can be brewed like tea or processed into candy.

Here are the benefits of orange peel for our body’s health

Help lose weight

On a diet program?  Enter the orange and the peel into your daily menu.  The benefits of orange peel can help you lose weight.  Oranges have low calories so they can be consumed without fear of gaining weight.

Oranges plus their skin also contain fiber so they control appetite.  Stomach feels full longer so that keep you from the desire to eat too much snack.  The content of vitamin C helps the body burn fat.

Good for the heart

The heart can benefit from orange peels.  Orange peels contain lots of flavonoids called hesperidin and anti-inflammatory components.  Launch of Insight Care, a survey says that diets with additional types of citrus fruits such as oranges offer protection against cardiovascular disease due to folate content.

Polymethoxylated flavones in orange peels can lower cholesterol more effectively than ordinary cholesterol medications.  The presence of hesperidin components can reduce diastolic blood pressure.  This progress can be seen after 2-3 weeks of consumption of orange peels.

Destroys kidney stones

The benefits of orange peel can be to help destroy kidney stones.  Orange peel contains D-limonene component then this component is combined with the concentration of cranberry juice.  Proven methods can dissolve kidney stones.

Orange peel also contains antiseptic and antifungal so it can help cure urinary tract infections or kidney infections.

Anti cancer

Flavonoids can also function as an anticancer.  Flavonoids on orange peels are useful for blocking the performance of the RLIP76 protein, a protein associated with obesity and cancer.  Research on mice proves that when the RLIP76 protein is removed, mice are not obese and are not exposed to diabetes, high cholesterol and cancer.  The study results bring new hope to humans.

Regulate blood sugar

For diabetics, consumption of orange peel can help regulate blood sugar levels.  Orange peels contain pectin or fiber which helps regulate blood sugar.  Studies show therapy with orange peel extract can prevent diabetes neuropathy.

Healthy lungs

The rich content of vitamin C can help break down phlegm and cleanse the lungs.  Vitamin C can also increase the body’s defense system against disease that helps protect the lungs from infection.  You can use orange peel to treat colds and fevers.

So toner

Skin is dull and looks less radiant?  Just use orange peel as a toner.  Orange peel extract that is dissolved with milk can be used as toner.  This mixture can also be used to remove acne scars or black spots.

 Those are some of the benefits that you can feel from the orange peel to your body

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