7 Dinner habits, the cause of weight gain

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When you are trying to lose or increase weight, every food you consume is very important, especially what you eat at night (at dinner).  Below are some habits that are often done at dinner, which can hamper your efforts to lose weight.
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 Eat the most food at dinner

 When you consume too much food at night, then your body will be more difficult to digest all of these foods.  The remaining undigested food will be converted to fat and cause weight gain.

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 Eat Right Before Sleep

 Eating full right before going to sleep can make a person difficult to sleep and stay asleep.  Sleep is important for your body’s metabolism, regulating blood sugar levels, maintaining hormonal balance, and supplying energy to your body.  Therefore, pay attention to when you eat dinner if you do not want to continue to gain weight.

 Take Caffeine

 Consuming soft drinks or coffee with or without caffeine can disturb your sleep.

 Eat lots of carbohydrates

 Eating lots of carbohydrates at dinner can increase and decrease your blood sugar levels in a short time, which can cause weight gain.  In addition, if your blood sugar levels drop before you fall asleep, then you will feel hungry again, which can make you come back wanting to snack or even eat again.

 Eat While Watching Television

 Eating with distracted attention like watching television can make you consume more food than you should without knowing it.

 Using Large Size Dinnerware

 When you eat using a large plate and spoon, then you tend to eat larger portions.

 Consume too much alcoholic drinks

 Consuming a glass of wine or alcoholic drinks may not have any effect, but it is different if you consume a bottle of alcoholic drinks.  Besides being able to reduce your ability to judge things, alcoholic drinks can also reduce levels of the hormone full, which can make you eat more.

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