Never say this to your partner, if you want a lasting relationship

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Never say this to your partner, if you want a lasting relationship

Establishing a relationship with someone will certainly not always be able to run smoothly.  There are problems and tempest that often hit.  From this love is tested, whether you can survive or not together with him.  However, there are things that can make the problem more complicated, you know, that is a mistake in saying.  For that, you must be careful when talking to your partner even if you’re angry or in a bad mood.  Don’t say the following.

 • I’ve told you before

 Try to feel, this kind of sentence as if you were judging your partner you know.  If you say it, then your partner will be able to feel guilty.  Even though he was wrong, but saying this is also not right because it can make him even more drop.  When you put him in the position of guilt, then this will only make the relationship not comfortable.

Bacaan Lainnya

 • I’m sorry, but …

 If you feel that it’s wrong, just apologize.  But in the sense that it is enough to apologize sincerely, you don’t need to give it a “but” frill.  For example when you say, “I’m sorry because I made a mistake yesterday, but it’s because you started”.  This will only emphasize if you apologize that you are not sincere and find fault with others, namely your partner.  To be able to solve the problem, it is enough to apologize alone without being accompanied by any additional demands or reasons.  If you really want to clarify the problem, then do it another time when he is in a better mood.

 • Whatever

 This is a woman’s mainstay word that makes men dizzy around.  When you say this during ordinary conditions it can sometimes be the beginning of a debate, especially when you say it when you and he are angry.  Instead of getting better, you guys will definitely get into a fight.  You as a woman are also still required to have self-control even if your mouth feels itchy to be angry.  What for?  Surely this is for the future of your relationship so you can always be lasting.

 • Why you…

 “Why do you choose those clothes?”

 “How come you are like me?”

 “Why you…”

 Stop saying that, ladies.  When you say it, you immediately judge your partner directly.  It’s not at all good for a relationship to work.  Once or twice it might be normal to say, but if it continues then your partner will also growled.  So, make sure you hold yourself to speak that is not pleasant to be heard ya ladies.

 • Don’t be smart

 He is not pretentious you know, but he’s just trying to express his opinion.  If the opinion he expresses in your opinion doesn’t quite match what you think, then don’t be rude then say this.  Try to say your comment with language and tone that is better and calmer.

 Those are some sentences that you should try to avoid being said to your partner.  Sometimes when emotions dominate, the mind becomes frantic.  But make sure to refrain from saying bad things to your partner for the sake of your always happy relationship.

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