The purpose of dating is to break up. It could be because of marriage

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“The purpose of dating is to break up.  It could be because of marriage, it could be because of separation. ”Pidi Baiq (1972-2098).
"The purpose of dating is to break up.  It could be because of marriage, it could be because of separation. ”Pidi Baiq (1972-2098).

 The quote above is certainly familiar to those of you who have read or are reading the Dilan series by Pidi Baiq.  A teenage novel that is very baper, entertaining, and useful.  Good for those of you who are still teenagers or who have started moving from adolescents to a more mature level.

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 Oh, yes, beforehand sorry, if you are a group of people who forbid dating I suggest not to continue reading this stroke.  Because it is not you that I am the bible in this writing, but those who have, are, or want to date.  For you your principles, for them their principles.  Please close this blog first, akhy, ukhty.

 Pidi Baiq presents the story very simply.  The language is very light.  Easy to digest.  Without reducing the wealth of meaning to be conveyed.  The figure of Dilan who spoke out frankly and anti-mainstream than most men made this story more alive.  Likewise Milea, a beautiful teenager whose emotions are still unstable.  Reading this story as if in a dialogue with The Beautiful Milea.  So when I read it while drinking coffee, it seemed that Milea was beside me sipping Luwak coffee as well.  While smiling sweetly, “Bang Izzu is handsome,” he said shyly.  Ah, Milea …

 Here I do not want the spoiler of the Dilan and Milea story series.  Especially if you intend to read it, you better not know.  Let baper and the sensation be.  Instead I want to discuss a few important things that are worth pondering for.  But reflect on it just relax, don’t be contemplative.  Just relax.  OK?  Deal

 The Past belongs to everyone
 Already human destiny goes in the vortex of time.  Periodically, humans have three times;  past, present, and future.  There are always actions that we have done in the past that often affect our situation in the present.  And everyone has the right to plan for his future which is not infrequently affected by the conditions of the past and present.

 You may date Si A today, but who guarantees Si A will be your life partner in front of the prince later?  There is no!  Because marriage is God’s secret.  So, if you’re dating, don’t be serious already!  The more serious you are dating the more likely that hurt will come to you.  Because the seriousness of courtship tends to make the person hope without being able to be controlled.  Soaring heights, eh when suddenly falling (or dropped) must be really sick, right?  Is not it?  Just believe it!  I’ve felt it, eh?

 What we do today will be the past tomorrow.  So our job, we should, is not to make sure that today will be the best past tomorrow.  But making sure today is the past that you won’t regret later.  If you fall in love, then love is cast aside, pain will indeed be felt.  But you only have one assignment, man.  Only one: ensure that you ever struggle to the maximum.  And when your struggle doesn’t seem to bear fruit, then it’s time to think when the right time to stop fighting.

 Dating Is Never Serious!
 Seriously here in the sense of hoping a lot.  Look again at the Pidi Baiq quote above!  The purpose of dating is to break up.  It could be broken up because of marriage (thank God, if this).  And can also break up because of separation (nature, please be patient, this is a test, this is a test from God).

 If it turns out that you will marry your girlfriend today, that’s when you have to be serious!  Seriously rewarding.  Seriously what angels appreciate.  Uh, sky residents on the applause if you’re serious when it’s “legitimate”.

 Well, if it turns out your girlfriend today is not your soul mate.  Yes, let it go.  If you are not very serious, God willing, his heart will not take long.  Most just a few hours.  But if you’re serious about dating and it turns out you’re not a match … Alamak, poor you!  How much tissue will you spend removing the river running down the cheeks?  How swollen are your eyes?  How many liters of tears come out?  Cem Mane, you too.

 Now, have you agreed that the purpose of dating is broken?  It’s good if you agree.  But if not yet hm … it’s up to you !!!

 Don’t Fight Love
 Feelings are indeed a mystery to all heart owners.  Well, I already know it’s hard to understand, but why does it use up energy to think about anxiety?  Put simply, when you like it, don’t doctrine your heart to say you don’t like it.  Conversely, when you don’t like it, just enjoy your dislike.  Just like Milea who can’t like Kang Adi, Satan Yugo or Nandan.  Dilan, who was a gangster child and was fired from the school, was the one he liked.  And he did not argue with that.  Love is there for you to be thankful for, not for you to deny.  Sometimes the feeling is simple.  We are happy to make it complicated.

 Even when you’re not comfortable anymore.  Well, just say it’s uncomfortable.  Why be forced to be comfortable again.  Something that is forced mah will not be a happy ending.  If you fight for it without stopping, it will even use up your energy.  Wasting time.  There are still many things that are far more important and more appropriate for you to prioritize.

 And now, after reading these two series Dilan and Milea (the third series I have not read, I have not borrowed the book: v), I am better able to understand when a woman who I was serious about chose to leave.  He was not wrong, he was just saying and being honest with himself.  I’m also not wrong, I’m just learning to be sincere and more mature with his departure.  * Eh, dog, how come it’s confide -_- ??  sorry Sorry!

 Nostalgia?  Miss?  Miss?  We will naturally feel.  But believe me, when all diseases have an antidote, such anxieties also have an antidote.  Each person is a different bidder.  Just enjoy that long as long as it doesn’t interfere with your activities.  Nostalgic with your past is important not to ruin your present.  Life should not be complicated.  Keep on being a human who is always grateful to his Lord.

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