the reason why college friends are more fun

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 Since getting to know relationships until now, you must already have many acquaintances and friends.  However, how many people can you truly consider as friends?  And of the friends you have, how many of them are from campus?  No doubt, there must be many.  It turns out there really is a reason, why the friendship that occurs on campus is actually the most sturdy.

 Friendship Begins Because of the Desires of Both Parties


 When it comes to campus friends, you actively choose who you want to be your friends and friends with.  If in high school, when you are no longer sitting on my seat with your best friend, or have separated classes, of course when meeting again will be awkward.  Sometimes you are forced to make friends with them just because you are in the same class or class.  In college it’s not the story.  You only make friends with people you really like.

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 They Know You Very Well


 Especially if you guys live in the same boarding house.  Surely you will form a sense of shared destiny, together facing the struggle of college years with a variety of stories.  Plus, living in the same place as someone will reveal about that person something that he has never shown to others.

 Your Friendship Is Full of Adventure


 The lecture is an adventure, especially with friends by your side, because you have enthusiasm and desire to try everything.  Friends of college often will be very happy to be invited to hang out and try a variety of new places to eat, especially if you run out of exams.  You will make a memory that is far more beautiful than the previous friends.

 There are no strangling rules


 You realize that you are no longer a schoolgirl.  Especially you who study outside the city, of course there are no more rules from home.  With the lack of suffocating rules, it’s certainly easier to hang out and spend time with campus friends, anytime and anywhere.  You can stay up late in the morning, or go out all night.  That’s why friends on campus are more spontaneous and more fun!

 Help each other


 College friends will be willing to stay up late for you just to confide in or talk about life.  He will lend his shoulder to you if you are going through difficult times.  In addition to being part of your spontaneous adventures, college friends will endure difficult times together and help each other!

 Will not judge your past


 College is the right time to start everything again, no one knows the mistakes you’ve made in the past.  You can decide to keep the secret or not.  That way, the friends you find in college will learn to accept and love yourself as a whole, not from the opinions and stories they hear from your past.  They also don’t want to know your deepest secrets.  But if you want those secrets with them, they are mature enough to accept you for who you are.

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